Top 5 Ways How B2B Lead Generation Agencies Help Generate B2B Leads

Generating leads online is one of the quintessential tasks of any business, especially those who sell their products or services online. But B2C leads are easy to generate; there are a lot of potential clients, and technically any individual can be a potential customer if the advertising and marketing is done right.

However, B2B lead generation is quite difficult; there are not a lot of available leads, especially for those who deal in niche business areas. Plus, getting other businesses interested in your products and services is harder as it rests not on the decision of one person, but various persons involved with the targeted business. They consider a lot of factors such as viability, profits, compensations etc.

That is why most businesses involved in B2B sales hire a B2B lead generation agency, who use their technical expertise and know-how to find out new leads for your business and plan a potential expansion and increase in sales. Every B2B sales agency uses their own dedicated B2B sales platform in order create a specific and personalized set of strategies, but there are some ideas that are universally used, such as:

Social Media Based Lead Generation

Social media is the next big thing to advertise in, seeing that nearly 2 billion plus people combined use the top social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Almost every business has a presence in at least one of these platforms and use their advertisement services to find out new potential leads. All of these social media platforms have a host of advertisement tools, some of which are quite complicated for the average user, signifying the need of a B2B sales expert to get the most out of them.

Content-Based Lead Generation

Content has always been a slow but effective way to generate potential B2B leads. Examples of common kinds of contents are blogs, articles on websites, eBooks, infographics, videos, podcasts, downloadable PDFs, and how-to guides. The type of content written depends on the information subject being conveyed; for example, marketing-based contents will primarily depend on blogs, articles and infographics. Cooking-based contents will depend on videos, blogs and eBooks.

E-Mail Based Lead Generation

E-mail marketing may seem like spam, but if done right, can be a serious tool for generating leads. The key to an attractive e-mail that entices the receiver to check out the links provided in the email is to create something that stands out, with catchy keywords and to-the-point description. It is also essential to avoid common spam keywords to avoid being filtered out into the spam inbox of the recipient, seeing as how most modern email providers employ automatic spam-based filters.

Direct Mail Lead Generation

Direct mail is the most old-school style marketing out there. While most marketers move out to online-based lead generation techniques, many still use direct mail marketing in addition to online marketing techniques for maximum effect. Direct mail is unique in the fact that sending businesses personalized mails grabs their attention in a way that other form of leads cannot. It addresses them directly, signifying your intention to do business with them and how they’d benefit from it. Businesses are also more likely to reply to direct mails directly if they see their advantages in it. They key is to present your portfolio in such a way that they decide to give your services a try even if they have doubts about it.

Community-Based Lead Generation

One of the most overlooked way of lead generation is getting involved with online communities, such as Reddit or Quora. These two are highly prominent online communities with their own unique take on advertisements that differs them from their social media counterparts. Businesses can also leverage the power of these communities to get deeply involved with their potential customers and state out the facts that make them different from other competitors. While these two are the biggest communities out there, there are many dedicated communities online tailored to specific groups such as food communities, gaming communities, marketing communities, coding communities and so on. It is essential to find out the right communities based on your products or services to get the best results.

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