B2B Direct Mail Marketing and Prospecting: Advantages and Disadvantages

In the age of internet where almost everything can be done online, sending direct mails seems like a dead end. However, that is far from the truth; in fact, there are still billions of direct mails sent all around the world, both to individuals and businesses. What remains to be seen is whether they have any noticeable effect or whether they give businesses a hand-up in boosting their business, which we shall be taking a look below.

B2B Direct Mail vs B2C Direct Mail

Unlike B2C direct mails which are sent to potential customers who have a good chance of buying a product or service, B2B is an entirely different prospect. In B2C direct mails, a business finds out potential targets and leads, people who may buy their product or service, and send them direct mails. The recipient can range from hundreds and thousands of addresses, and converted leads may vary too depending on the region and service area.

In case of B2B mails, a company sends direct mail prospects to another company with which they wish to do business with. For example, if local school is looking for a caterer service to provide in-house lunch for students and staff, then a caterer in the area can send them a direct mail with information about their services, pricing, location, menu and other necessary details. If the school likes their prospect, the caterer may win the contract and end up doing a business deal with the school.

Advantages of B2B Direct Mails

One of the major advantages of direct mails in case of B2B prospects is that the company offering intimation can wholly list all their strengths, prices, product/service listings and other details in a single, neat package and send it to interested parties. This means the recipients will get all the information they require to make an initial acceptance offer if they want to do the deal.

The second advantage is that direct mails are highly targeted. This means direct mails are send to a select few companies with which the company sending mails wants to do business with. This in turn means the receiving companies know that they have been research well by the sender, and this will play an important role in them deciding to get in touch with the sender for further enquiries.

Disadvantages of B2B Direct Mails

A major disadvantage is that these direct mails have a risk of getting discarded without even being seen. When you send an email, you send it to a specific person at a specific ID, so only those with access to that email can access that. But in case of direct mails which are sent to a company office, there is a good risk of those getting discarded by someone in the mail room or low-level employee without it even reaching to someone higher up in the company. Another disadvantage is that this cannot be done for companies situated far away, say in another state or country. Unlike emails which have no geographical barrier and takes seconds to send, direct mails are usually preferred to be sent to companies on the same operating area in which the sender operates, thus limiting their options.

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