5 Effective Ways of Social Prospecting via LinkedIn Messaging

As social media usage grows further and further worldwide, various social media websites such as LinkedIn provide various tools like LinkedIn messaging that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to look up relevant professionals for social prospecting. However, simply messaging a person on LinkedIn is not enough; there are various frameworks to abide by before a business can be sure of hearing back from a prospect. Here are 5 effective ways to build up your prospecting chances on LinkedIn:

Building up a credible profile

Whenever you send a connection request to someone on LinkedIn, the first thing they will do is check your profile. One glance at your profile and most will be able to tell you if you are a genuine prospector or just some other person trying to use LinkedIn as Facebook. Hence, it is crucial to building up a credible profile, complete with recommendations from various professionals in your network. Add as many professionals details as you can, and keep the texts short and concise. Your profile is your blueprint that can make or break a connection.

Building up a sufficient network of connections

LinkedIn profiles with a very low amount of connections always carry the feeling that the person is not active on LinkedIn, and can turn your prospective contacts away. Hence, it is necessary to build up good contacts before starting prospecting. The contacts should be preferably related to your work or profession. A couple of high profile connections in your profile can boost your credibility manifold and make the prospects think that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Keep posting articles and posts

A LinkedIn profile with a lot of connections and a lot of details but with virtually no activity when it comes to posting may sound alarm bells for many potential prospects. Hence it is necessary to keep posting articles at times on LinkedIn, as it not only helps in keeping your profile active but can also help in building new connections via those who like and comment on your posts. This will be an indirect way to gain prospects as people will be sending your connection requests and you can amass a good amount of connections without sending out any invites on your end.

Keep the connection message short and to the point.

Once your profile is ready for prospects, you can start sending out connection messages. While your profile may help build your credibility, the content of the LinkedIn message you send out is as important as that. Sending out a very long message is not advisable as the receiver can quickly lose interest. Most of them are busy people and also probably receive messages from other people trying to connect with them. You need to make your message short and to the point, crafted in such a way that it gives out all possible information they need at that point and that too within 10 seconds. This will make your message stand out from others.

Try to obtain a phone number as quickly as possible.

There is only so much you can do via LinkedIn messaging; hence it is essential that you try to obtain their contact number as quickly as possible. That does not mean directly pestering them for their contact number; it will definitely push them away. Try to keep the message sublime and ask the contact number in a natural flow of conversation so that they don’t feel like you are digging them for a contact number.

Once you have their phone number, you can start generating leads for your business needs. You can also do it via LinkedIn messaging, but the limit on the number of messages you can send on LinkedIn per day can halt your work quickly. Hence keeping a good ratio of cold-messaging and cold-calling can help evenly distribute work.

Published by Sales Hive

SalesHive is a B2B Sales Development Agency backed by a proprietary technology platform that uses email, social media, and direct mail to book meetings with qualified buyers in your target market. SalesReply’s diverse service offering allows companies to scale rapidly without hiring additional reps or investing in expensive technologies and data resources.

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